We ensure you get quailty.

It is of utmost importance for GMBS Design to be ahead of the market needs by its own developments, and to work with state-of-the-art software:

For strength analysis and structural calculations

STAAD.PRO FEM-Design IDEA Statika Robot Structural Analysis

For modelling and postprocessing

Tekla Structures Autodesk Inventor AutoCad Mechanical

We deliver on time.

We all know how important to meet the deadlines, and how drastic impact it can make, if its failed. This is how we can build long term relationships with our customers, by understanding that deadlines must be positioned high on the priority level, when signing the contract on a project.

We know price does matter.

We also know that well-engineered projects do need time and energy to be put in. However,with our own developed management system, we can ease the communication, increase the efficiency and the flexibility to project changes and therefore significantly reduce your cost.

We offer the following services:

Feasibility studies for various arrangements in the concept phase of the project.
Strength analysis for structures.
Analysis and simulation of the behavior of existing structures according to local standards.
3D modeling and preparing of workshop, assembly and arrangement drawings.
Capability of implementing 3D scan data (point cloud).
Preparing structural calculation according to various standards:





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